Tacos for those who don’t like tacos

We’re fans of tacos in our house. Maybe it’s because I spent the summer basically in Mexico, or because we three just love Mexican food. In any case, tacos make it so frequently into our routine that we once had three bags of shredded cheese at once. Three-cheese, of course. phototaco

To start out, we’re going to share Kristina’s recipe for tacos. This is less seasoned than regular tacos, and uses turkey or ground hamburger. It’s a very Americanized taco, but I can’t turn up my nose because it’s delightful. This also is super quick and cheap. I asked Kristina to message me the recipe, and this was all she had to send:

Brown the package of ground hamburger or turkey, then drain the excess fat. Add about half a can of tomato sauce. Season with a teaspoon (or more) of chili powder. Put on whole wheat, hard or soft tortillas. Add any typical taco toppings that you want!

We typically get five or six tacos out of this recipe. If you like a little more spiciness, add some chili flakes or some hot sauce. I like mine with lettuce, cheese, onions and with a spattering of cilantro.

What do you like on your tacos? Post your results from this recipe and your suggestions for spicing it up down below.