About Us!

Meet Paige, Kristina and Emily, three 20-somethings who are making their first forays into feeding themselves on a regular basis.

The way we work it, we each make a dinner one day a week. These are typically obtained through our respective Pinterest boards and groceries are bought communally, then split three ways. It typically averages out to around $20, not including things we all get individually.

We’re not chefs, but we do watch Food Network every chance we get.

Paige (Monday)

Paige is the accountant of the house. She keeps us all on track, manages the bills and takes charge of the communal groceries. She’s also the most well versed in cooking, teaching me how to clove garlic and how not to stink up the house with the smell of burning onions. So far, she’s specialized in meals that are quick and easy, but delicious!

Kristina (Thursday) 

Food is a big deal for Kristina — she’s hypoglycemic, and therefore has to watch what she eats, otherwise she’ll feel poopy for days. When you look at our individual shelves, she’s the one with boxes on boxes of Kashi and organic peanut butter. She cooks meals that are healthy and have a good nutritional profile. Luckily, they’ve been really good, despite my aversion to health!

Emily (Sunday) 

Aspiring journalist, reformed coffee-addict and narrator of this story, I’m the one who tries to be healthy but typically leans towards Sour Patch Kids and sugary yogurt. I’m ambitious in the kitchen, but tend to take a while, making trip-ups from burning a sauce to not cooking stuffed chicken though. I like to think I’m an idealist.


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