Pick of the week: Trader Joe’s


I. Love. Trader. Joe’s. It’s basically my favorite store. The prices aren’t expensive, and the product is excellent. Although there isn’t one in the Athens area, I still pick up a few staples to bring back with me after I stop at home.

Right now, I love Trader Joe’s apple juice boxes. I know, I’m very grown up. But sometimes, it isn’t convenient to carry around a cup of apple juice, and apple juices like Simply contain a lot of sugar. Trader Joe’s isn’t too sweet, and comes in adorable packaging. I know when I have kids, I’m going to buy them for their school lunches. Also for me.

Another big deal this week has been Trader Joe’s pretzel rolls. They’re just simply delicious! I use them for sandwiches, and if I’m at home, I melt cheese and ham onto the roll. Simply the best. My only complaint is that they’re too doughy, but if you toast them in a toaster oven, that might not be a problem.

Do you have a Trader Joe’s near you? What are your favorites?



Healthy swap: Quinoa

Quinoa is kind of a in-vogue food right now (think of it as the new kale, only not absolutely disgusting.) It’s termed a “super-food” and is the easiest grain to digest.

I didn’t dig quinoa too much until Kristina started cooking it this year. Look for a upcoming recipe on butternut squash and quinoa dish which will dispel your doubts. But for now, next time you go to make a burrito or a burrito bowl, sub in quinoa with a splash of lime juice and a spattering of cilantro for the typical rice ingredient. You won’t regret it.

Here to explain cooking quinoa better than I ever could is this cook on YouTube. I love when I can find healthy cooking tips on YouTube… I learn much better visually.