How to: Prepare your kitchen for break

If you’re anything like us, your break schedule is a little weird. We go home for five days, return to school for a week, take our finals and then leave again for four weeks. This makes food planning hard, and making sure you don’t leave something in your fridge you don’t want to rot even harder.

I bet you thought I was going to teach you how to cook this. You're not in luck - that's advanced cooking!

I bet you thought I was going to teach you how to cook this. You’re not in luck – that’s advanced cooking

Here’s some top tips for getting through your weird break periods while eating great and keeping your kitchen clean.

1) Clean up. While it might seem appealing to say “I’ll clean up the kitchen when I need to cook again,” it also leads to more of a stink and makes it harder to get grime off. Give the kitchen a wipe-down before Thanksgiving break and then a full scrub before Winter break. You will never regret coming home to a clean kitchen.

2) Speaking of which, pare down the clutter in your fridge. Have a look around and figure out what you can toss. The crisper can become a trap for rotting fruits and vegetables. Try cooking with the ingredients left in your fridge, instead of buying new ones. Keeping the fridge free of clutter will allow for a quicker clean up when you leave for the winter.

3) Buy ONLY things you need. Buy fruits, but only in small amounts, and only if you’ll eat them. Don’t get too fancy with refrigerated ingredients. Making the most of what you have will keep the food in your fridge at a minimum, and prevent you from buying things that you’ll only have to throw out in a few weeks.

What are your top tips for when you’re leaving your house for a good period of time? This can be good when preparing for vacation as well!


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