Pick of the week: Lean Cuisines

I know, I know, this blog is supposed to be our foray OUTSIDE a dorm room microwave. This is a kitchen microwave … it’s completely different.



All kidding aside, sometimes there’s not time or effort to prepare a meal. There’s also that awkward end-of-the-week period where there’s only leftovers and no ingredients in the fridge. During these times, I like (and Paige likes) to microwave up Lean Cuisines.

One of my favorites is pictured, the sesame chicken. Some other great ones are the pizzas, which come in a bunch of different types, and the Southwest chicken panini, which I maintain is one of the best microwavable meals I’ve ever had.

One misconception about any “healthy” microwavable meal though is that it is healthy. These meals are often loaded with sodium. Double check the labels before you eat these kinds of meals if you’re looking for something that is nutritionally sound. Otherwise, do what I do and devour these things at full speed.

What do you do when you’re in a pinch for ingredients or cooking ideas?


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